Sustainability is a very broad word.
In interior design it can mean a lot of different things like:

  • using natural materials, that are not harmful to the environment
  • preferring those natural materials that need less resources to be grown
  • creating new products out of recycled materials
  • upcycling waste into design products
  • exploiting natural resources efficiently
  • following ethical production practices

The interior design industry has a huge impact on the environment and there's a lot to improve. The times we're living in are certainly challenging ones, but are also extremely rich in this sense.
Sustainable and circular design are rising, rethinking furniture, accessories, finishes etc. to make them less harmful to our planet. And new sustainable products and materials are coming up every single day!

On SforSustainable, you’ll find:

  • a curated and regularly updated selection of sustainable interior design products
  • details about what makes each item a sustainable choice
  • dedicated discount codes

I've created SforSustainable to inspire and help both professionals and interior design lovers to start making more sustainable design choices. Because a beautiful interior doesn’t need to come at a cost for the environment!


I only feature products I believe in for their effort to make the interior design industry more sustainable. I am not sponsored by any company but I do partner with some in order to bring to you some discount codes that will hopefully make sustainable products even more accessible. Some of the links on this website are affiliated but still, I only feature products I personally believe in.

About Me

Hi! I'm Silvia, interior designerOpened in a new tab and design bloggerOpened in a new tab on a mission: making interiors good for our wellbeing and for the planet.

My design philosophy is based on biophilic designOpened in a new tab and I follow the developments of sustainable and circular designOpened in a new tab very closely, which is what inspired me to create SforSustainable.

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