Sustainability in interior design means many things like:

  • exploiting natural resources efficiently
  • using natural materials that need less resources to be grown
  • creating new products out of recycled materials
  • upcycling waste into design products

On SforSustainable, you’ll find a curated selection of sustainable interior design products, with details about what makes them sustainable and dedicated discount codes.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Silvia, interior designer and design blogger at DforDesign.

I love nature and I’ve always been interested in sustainability in a broad sense.
The interior design industry has a huge impact on the environment, but sustainable and circular design are rethinking furniture, accessories, finishes etc. to make them less harmful.

We’re living in extremely rich times in this sense, and new sustainable products and materials are coming up every single day!

I've created SforSustainable to collect sustainable interior design products all in one place. I wish to inspire and help professionals and design lovers to make more sustainable design choices. Because a beautiful interior doesn’t need to come at a cost for the environment!

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