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Candle Holder

Candle holder in the shape of a coral.

by Chartam

Why is it sustainable?

Bokè is a handmade candle holder crafted out of recycled paper.
Paper is one of the most common materials in trash bins, and it’s often recycled into packaging, writing paper and other utilitarian goods.
For Chartam this was not enough.
They wanted to elevate trashed paper and turn it into objects that people would love and cherish. All starting from paper that cannot be recycled through industrial processes.
Chartam consumers become contributors to this mission. Every Chartam product comes with a tag indicating how much waste has been saved from landfill in making that object. And a takeback program ensures that paper will never be trashed again!
This vase belongs to Chartam 1st collection – We Believe In A Better Life – which sheds light on ocean pollution and coral reef degradation. A collection of vases and candle holders reminding the utmost importance of marine ecosystems for our planet.

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