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Wall Clock

by Kibelis

Why is it sustainable?

The Eora smart clock is an extremely interesting mix of sustainable materials. It has an untreated ash wood structure and its hands are made with upcycled popsicle sticks that have been collected in local cafés in Sardinia. The internal padding is made of Solid Textile Board, a textile material made with discarded fabrics coming from the fashion & textile industries.
Kibelis is committed to shaping a sustainable future. This also entails talking about sustainability and Kibelis is promoting that in a very contemporary way. All its products have an integrated chip that can connect to an app packed with sustainability-related content!
Last but not least, Kibelis has designed a fully eco-friendly packaging. Shipped inside a cardboard box, this clock is wrapped with a sheet of Geowool, a material derived from sheep wool that can be reused as padding over plants' soil to foster their growth. And even the instruction sheet is sustainable, as its made of a special type of paper derived from kiwis!

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