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Amorim WISE


Cork texture.

by Amorim

Why is it sustainable?

Amorim WISE is a cork flooring finish.
It comes in interlocking planks, allowing for a zero-glue floating installation.
Cork has many physical properties that make it suitable for flooring applications. Among the rest, cork is lightweight yet resistant, it cushions sounds and vibrations, it resists well to moisture and fire, it's an excellent thermal insulator, and it feels soft and warm.
As a material, cork is an inherently sustainable choice. Derived from the trunk of cork oaks, cork harvesting doesn’t damage the trees, that can regenerate (being ready for the next harvesting after around 10 years). As such, the world of cork represents an example of mindful use of natural resources – one that can be sustained over time in the respect of nature.
Amorim making process is also mindful of the environment.
All production waste and surplus is collected and reincorporated it into production. Even cork dust, that is burnt to generate energy through biomass, which accounts for around 60% of the total energy used for production. Overall, Amorim cork floorings retain more CO2 than the one used to make them.

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