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Wall Panel

Cork texture with an engraved swirly pattern.


Why is it sustainable?

Corkwirl is a cork wall finish that is engraved with CNC milling machines to add a deep texture.
As a material, cork is an inherently sustainable choice. Derived from the trunk of cork oaks, cork harvesting doesn’t damage the trees, that can regenerate (being ready for the next harvesting after around 10 years). As such, the world of cork represents an example of mindful use of natural resources – one that can be sustained over time in the respect of nature.
The dark colour of GENCORK’s cork panels is a product of their making process. It all starts with cork pellets. When flooded by water vapour, pellets expand and stick together thanks to cork’s natural resin, creating a solid material.
Grinding and finishing residues from production are used to power the boiler where the agglomerate is made, making the process 95% energetically self-sufficient.

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