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Surfacing Material

by Organoid

Why is it sustainable?

Skelettblattla is a surfacing material made with rubber tree leaf skeletons on a breathable flax non-woven backing.
All Organoid surfaces are made using natural raw materials such as alpine hay, flowers, moss and lichens, chipped bark, coffee grounds and seeds – all sourced locally (Austria).
Following a CO2-neutral handmade process, these materials are mixed with an ecological binder and pressed into the final surface. No extra pigment is added, leaving the materials’ natural characteristics intact. Similarly, the final product is left untreated, but it can be sealed with conventional oils and varnishes for extra resistance.
The making process allows these surfacing materials to retain a delicate scent, introducing an extra sensory element in the space.
Organoid surfaces come on a variety of backings including flax, eco-fleece (recycled paper + textile fibres), HPL (High Pressure Laminate) , non-woven fabric, and self-adhesive films.

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