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Surfacing Material

Panel mimicking the texture of stone.


Why is it sustainable?

Rewood is a chipboard panel made with 85% post-consumer wood.
Starting from discarded furniture, SAIB separates the wood component from other parts like iron, metal, fabrics, plastics, glass, sand and stones. These materials are introduced in their respective recycling streams, whereas the wood gets shredded and used for Rewood panels.
The raw panels are then coated with resin-impregnated paper and hot-pressed to mimic the textures of natural materials (wood, stone, leather...).
The resulting panels can be used both as finishes and for furniture making.
All SAIB panels are FSC certified and they’ve been awarded a LEED certification.
In particular, the REP (Reduced Emission Panel) is made with low-emission glues that cut down the level of released formaldehyde.

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