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Shelving Unit

Light wood shelving unit with lamp and table modules attached.


Why is it sustainable?

Oscar is a modular shelving unit made of certified wood (PEFC and FSC) and metal.
This piece allows for several customization options.
To start with, the shelving unit itself can be made longer or higher. Also, the lamp and table inserts can be removed or moved to a different point.
Such customization options contribute to sustainable development in that they allow adapting the same piece of furniture to changing needs.
As a whole, DIZY is rooted on a circular design mindset.
All components in its products can be replaced and spare parts are available. All materials used can be recycled over and over again. And production takes place in France, Portugal and Italy only.
Packaging is made of cardboard and fabric – both recycled. To minimize shipping materials and complexity, all products are designed to fit in the size of a pallet.

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