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by Elvis & Kresse

Why is it sustainable?

Beam is a handmade bench with solid wood base and recycled leather upholstery.
Beam is upholstered with Elvis & Kresse modular leather cover. Elvis & Kresse partners with the Burberry Foundation, rescuing luxury leather offcuts from Burberry production and giving them a new life. Leather fragments are cut in 3 shapes that are manually woven into creative recycled leather hides. Such modularity makes repairs easy and efficient. In the same spirit, the cover is held in place by easy-to-remove stainless steel tubes that facilitate disassembly.
50% of profits from the leather cover are donated in the form of scholarships to train women as solar engineers. A contribution to both women empowerment and renewable energy development.
Beam is made to order, thus preventing the costs and impacts of overproduction.
Elvis & Kresse holds several certifications. Among the rest, it is a certified B-Corporation, which confirms its ongoing effort in social and environmental matters.

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