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Lazy Transat


by Les Toiles du Large

Why is it sustainable?

Lazy Transat is a deckchair that repurposes a used boat sail as seat.
Keeping products and materials in use is one of the founding principles of a circular economy mindset, which aims at generating less waste and using less virgin resources.
In particular, this product highlights how existing components can be given a new life based on their material properties. From a practical point of view, sails are waterproof and hard-wearing pieces of fabric. So why not repurpose them as outdoor-safe textiles?
Production is carried out locally (France), in partnership with two social organizations that provide disabled people with a job and ongoing social-medical support.
With the aim of carrying on the story of sailing, Les Toiles du Large also offers sailing lovers the One sail one bag program, which consists of making a bag out of the client’s own sail.

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