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Side Table

by Nikari

Why is it sustainable?

April is a side table made of solid wood.

Wood comes from sustainably sourced forests and is mainly sourced from a local sawmill. Surface treatment is done with certified natural oil mixtures, wax, soap and – when necessary - water-based lacquers.

Nikari operations are entirely powered by renewable energy. Head office, studio and workshop use only hydroelectric energy from the plant located next door.
Packaging is reduced to a minimum and is fully recyclable. The plastic pads used for packages are made of polyethylene which converts into water when incinerated.
Transportation is planned with care to reduce its environmental impact: peak hours are avoided and routes are planned to save time and energy. Several customers are served within one transport journey and components from the company’s subcontractors are loaded on the return trip.

Nikari cooperates with WWF Finland and part of the revenues are donated to protect forests and rainforests globally.

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