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Contemporary armchair.


Why is it sustainable?

Laime is a sustainable armchair made of 79.6% recycled materials.
This includes recycled steel for the structure and recycled foam for the seat padding. The upholstery is made of untinted French wool.
NOMA's vision gravitates around the concept of circular economy and includes:

  • the possibility to substitute or repair single components of a product
  • transparent communication about the quantity of recycled materials contained in each product and their geographic origin.
  • easy-to-disassemble products that allow recovering all materials. For instance, Laime is assembled without screws or glue. The seat pad simply slides into the steel structure and the back is kept in place with a snap button.

Also, NOMA is committed to reducing VOCs emissions from its products to the minimum. Which contributes to better indoor air quality and – in the end – healthier interiors!
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