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Children Bed

by Woodly

Why is it sustainable?

Montessori is a child bed made with solid FSC-certified wood.
Its floor height is designed according to the Montessori method, inviting children to move independently since an early age.
When the child grows up, this bed can easily be turned into a small bookshelf with a separate conversion kit.
At Woodly product design and manufacturing are both aimed at minimizing waste, and materials are chosen with special care.
Wood finishing is done with bee-wax and shellac (a natural varnish), and only non-toxic, water glues are used. The mattress is made of untreated cotton and pillows are stuffed with spelt chaff (the wrapping around wheat grains).
Woodly is located in an historical 17th century building that was renovated maintaining the original energy conservation features that characterize traditional buildings. This reduces energy consumption and – for what’s needed – the building is heated with a high-efficiency rocket stove that burns waste byproducts from the workshop.

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