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Table Lamp

by Ekobo

Why is it sustainable?

The Brio table lamp is composed of a bamboo shade resting on a cork base.
It is handmade following the traditional spun technique: a bamboo pole is cut with a machete and reduced in thin strips that are then assembled with a natural glue, sanded, polished and painted.
Both bamboo and cork are good material options when it comes to sustainable design.
Bamboo is an abundantly available grass that grows fast and thrives without needing pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides. Even better, EKOBO reuses FSC-certified bamboo sawdust scraps from the production of chopsticks and flooring.
Cork is a sustainable choice because it is harvested from the outer bark of the cork oak with a process that does not damage the tree. In this case, the cork base is a conglomerate made of waste cork and dust granules coming from industrial cork production binded with a non-toxic food-grade resin.

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