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Jute Tile


Pastel coloured coasters.

by Atelier LVDW

Why is it sustainable?

These coasters are handmade with Jute Tile, a material that reuses jute fibre industrial waste.
In particular, the jute is sourced by Forbo, a company that makes natural linoleum floors.
This waste is mixed with porcelain plaster to obtain a solid material that can be used for tiles or other objects.
In giving waste a new life, these coasters are a clear example of circular design, but not just that.
Since jute fibre is the only waste material in the production of Forbo floors, Jute Tile products actually make Forbo manufacturing a zero-waste process.
An inspiring story, showing the power of collaboration in achieving ambitious objectives!
All Jute Tile products can be returned to Atelier LVDW at the end of their life for recycling. The material is turned back to its raw form – gypsum powder – which can be used in new products.

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