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Fruit Bowl

Serving Dish


Why is it sustainable?

Fruit Bowl is a serving dish made of bamboo fibre, a material that is as practical as plastic, but way more environment-friendly.
Bamboo is inherently a sustainable material as it grows fast and thrives without needing pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides. Even better, EKOBO doesn't use virgin bamboo, but it repurposes FSC-certified bamboo sawdust waste from chopstick factories.
Bamboo dust is then mixed with a non-toxic food-grade resin that requires no extra coating. The resulting material – BIOBU® – complies with all food safety standards around the world (FDA, LFGB & REACH) and doesn't contain BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, cadmium, and mercury.
Manufacturing takes place in China – because this is where bamboo grows. EKOBO works with a manufacturer that respects ethical processes: working conditions and wages are fair and child labor is forbidden.

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