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Set of 4 squared cork coasters

by Kibelis

Why is it sustainable?

Garrulus is a set of smart coasters made with cork scraps.
Their shape is not only an aesthetic choice, but a sustainable one as well. A square is indeed the most efficient shape in terms of material usage and transportation space.
Cork is generally a good choice when it comes to sustainable natural materials. Its extraction does not damage the cork oak tree, which can regenerate allowing a new cork extraction after around 10 years. Even better, this cork is what remains after another production process (the manufacturing of the – also sustainable – Eora clock). These coasters are therefore a creative way to cut on production waste while valuing natural resources.
Kibelis has designed a fully eco-friendly packaging for all of its products. The Garrulus coasters for instance are only wrapped in a FSC certified paper band.
Kibelis is committed to shaping a sustainable future. This also entails talking about sustainability and Kibelis is promoting that in a very contemporary way. All its products have an integrated chip that can connect to an app packed with sustainability-related content.

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