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Ice Bubble


Recycled glass decanter.

by Ngwenya Glass

Why is it sustainable?

Ice Bubble is a decanter made with 100% recycled glass.
The clever design features a ice pocket on the side, which allows cooling the beverage without diluting it.
Ngwenya Glass is a small company located in Eswatini (formerly called Swaziland), which produces glass items that are all mouth-blown out of recycled glass coming from local waste.
With its products, Ngwenya Glass encourages local families to collect glass bottles and jars, that the company then purchases by the kilo.
Ngwenya Glass also works with local schools to help raise environment-aware generations.
Students are involved in roadside clean-ups and – in exchange – the company provides building materials and its sponsorship for the school soccer club.
A percentage of all sales is donated to Mkhaya Game Reserve, Swaziland's refuge for endangered animal species.

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