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Baby's Bed Linen

White bedding with small animals printed.

by CamCam

Why is it sustainable?

Fawn is a GOTS-certified cotton baby's bed linen.
The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification is applicable to textiles that contain at least 70% certified organic natural fibres and checks for numerous criteria all along the supply chain. This includes:
-toxicity and biodegradability/eliminability requirements for all "chemical inputs" (like dyes)
-only oxygen-based bleaches are allowed (no chlorine bleaching)
-several waste-reduction measures duiring production
-PVC-free packaging. All paper and cardboard has to be either recycled or FSC/PEFC-certified.
-prohibition of child & forced labour
-proper living wages and safe working conditions for all workers
CamCam factory runs on 70% solar electric power.

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