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by Libeco

Why is it sustainable?

The Portobello rug is made of 100% linen that comes from European flax and is woven in Belgium. Natural materials are often a healthy and sustainable choice, and even more so in the case of the rugs&carpets' industry, whose methods and materials have historically been far from sustainable.
Besides producing sustainable interior design textiles, Libeco champions environment-friendly production methods and – since 2014 – it has been certified as a CO2 neutral company. For instance, it uses green electricity, LED lighting and optimizes waste processing.
Additionally, it is supporting an international climate project in Uganda that consists of manufacturing and supplying local families with energy-efficient cookers. Each device is calculated to reduce CO2 emissions by 1.4 tons per year, it contributes to limiting local deforestation and improves the health of the local population.

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