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by Nanimarquina

Why is it sustainable?

Bicicleta is a rug made upcycling bicycle tires, with over 100 tires used to make each rug.
Rubber tubes are taken from the inside of discarded bicycle tires. Once cleaned and processed, they’re woven like regular yarn.
Nanimarquina has a comprehensive approach to sustainability that goes from material choices and production techniques to social matters. This includes an innovative method for rug cleaning that uses a biodegradable and enzyme-based product. Such formulation is safer for workers and doesn’t pollute ground water. It also saves water as it requires only 1 wash as opposed to the 4-5 washes that are traditionally needed.
All Nanimarquina rugs are handmade by artisans in India, Pakistan and Nepal and part of the company’s revenues are donated to Care & Fair . This association makes sure that weavers receive fair wages, live and work in good conditions and that no child labour is used.
In addition, Care & Fair offers free education and primary medical care to weavers’ children and gives women a chance to improve their life by learning basic notions (reading, writing, maths…) and practical skills (sewing and embroidery).

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